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Where to Start

Getting ready to sell can be a daunting process. This journey is one that takes time, patience and a good mood. So start with why.

Why are you selling? This question can be answered in a thousand different ways but the answer will determine a lot of things. This will keep you moving forward to achieve your goals. So take a few minutes and write down exactly why you are moving and how you will feel when it is over and you are embarking on the next phase of life.

This will allow you to look at your WHY when things are looking hopeless and emotional. You can easily remember you are selling for a purpose and press on.

Now that you have defined why begin with Step 1.

Step 1: Disassociating yourself with your home.

One of the hardest things is letting go. It’s a process of preparing yourself mentally to be ready for the upcoming move. You need to be ready to move forward without looking back.

Begin separating yourself from the home so that you can see it like a product to be sold and marketed.

Step 2: De-personalize.

Begin by removing personal photographs, family heirlooms and anything that may cause the buyer to wonder “What kind of people live here” so that they can instead say, “ I can see myself living here.” In essence take down anything that makes your home yours. It hurts but in the end you want the home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Walk through every room in your house and pretend you’re a Buyer. During your walk note anything that personalizes it to yourself or distracts you from seeing the house. Then pack them so that you can make your next house your new home.

This may mean renting a temporary storage unit or moving everything into a shop or garage. You could think of it as pre-moving. Create a blank canvas for the house hunters to envision the possibilities for themselves.

A good idea is to remove or replace favorite items. If you want to take your window coverings, appliances or fixtures then take them now. If a buyer never sees them they won’t want them. But once they have been seen and you tell them they can’t have those then they will covet them and it could pull the whole deal apart. So pack them, replace them or you may lose them to keep a deal together.

Step 3: Pick a listing day and start working backwards from it.

Don’t list it right away. Take the right amount of time to prepare your house for it’s grand presentation. There will be many little things to get ready so make sure you give yourself the time.

Step 4 Get Ready

Buyers and their agents are going to ask a lot of questions so get out all the paperwork and put it in order. Including Mortgage details, utility bills, tax bills, renovation details, warranties and appliance manuals. You will also want an extra set of keys made for the lock box.

Also get yourself some boxes, packing tape and labels. It’s worthwhile to get started early on the packing. It will make the last few weeks much better and you won’t lose sleep wondering what to do when it comes down to the wire. And you won’t be stuck packing when the moving van is outside waiting for you, charging by the hour.

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