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You may be saying by now that the house looks great what more could I possibly do to make things more presentable. Deep cleaning is the answer. It goes beyond the typical weekly cleaning and will make your home look, feel and smell brand new. This is a step that may be easier to hire someone to assist or take on. But for those who are DIY people here are some steps to take.

Minding the details

Windows properly washed will let in more light, and allow for distraction free views.

This small step will revitalize your bathrooms and add a crisp finish hiding cracks and other signs of wear and tear.

You would be surprised at how this can radically transform the smell of a home. It will even go a long way towards removing smoke and pet odors.

A Cleaning Crew

For a simpler approach I recommend hiring professional cleaners to get all the areas that might get missed. They are well worth the price and will make your home shine. They may also be able to come in periodically during the showings stage to touch up and keep your home fresh.

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