Saving Money 2023? Read this first

Saving Money 2023? Why would I save money when they print money? Do you know why they tell you to save money? Because of the banking system, when you save one dollar, the fractional reserve bank can lend out your money 10 times. Everytime they do that the value of your dollar becomes worth, less, worthless. Don’t let your money die in a savings account. Follow for investing strategies.

If you are saving money in 2023 and have a large chunk set aside then you should reach out so we can have a quick call to see if investing in Short, Mid or Long term rentals can help you reach your goals. Text or call (208) 699-5782 and for scheduling a discovery call you can choose a time from my calendar here.

This is straight from my Youtube channel for investing. Give me a follow there specifically for Real estate investing advice and strategies. For information more local to North Idaho then check out my Idaho Channel where I break down are market specifically and give tips for home buyers and sellers looking to make their move in North Idaho. Follow that Channel Here.

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