Stocks Vs Real Estate

Stocks Vs Real Estate? In general, if your net worth is under $1 million, then you should start with a house. Here’s why.

Let’s say you buy a $500,000 house with a 3.5% down payment and covered closing costs, which comes to a total of $17,500. Alternatively, you could invest that same $17,500 in stocks and rent a place to live, but you’ll have to balance your cost of living.

Now, let’s assume you tripled your $17,500 in the stock market in seven years, and your house only went up by 4% per year. It may seem like stocks are the better option, but that’s where you’re wrong. After seven years, your house would be worth $658,000, and you would only have a loan of $432,500 because you’ve been paying it off every month. This means that instead of paying off your landlord’s mortgage, you’ve been paying off your own.

Year seven comes around and you sell the stocks, you’ve made $52,500. But with your house, you have $225,500 left, which is more than 12.8 times your original investment. Plus, when you sell stocks, you have to pay taxes on capital gains, whereas with real estate, you may not have to.

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