Make an Extra $100 Month

How to make an extra $100 a Month. Do you want to make $100 a month in dividends? Let me show you how much money you need to get there.

Let’s take Coca-Cola for example – they pay out 2.76% dividends on their stock. To make $100 a month from their dividends, we need to divide by the yield.

This means you’ll need to invest $44,000 worth of Coca-Cola shares to get $100 in monthly dividends. Alternatively, you could use that $44,000 as a 5% down payment on a multifamily real estate investment, which could be worth up to $880K.

With real estate, you get to enjoy the benefits of appreciation, tax breaks, and tenants paying down your mortgage. Plus, your cash flow will be much higher than with dividend investing. So, choose your investment strategy wisely and watch your wealth grow.

Make an Extra $100 Month Investing.

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