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Passive Income with Recycled Money

♻️ Passive Income with Recycled Money? 🤔 #Shorts

How to achieve Passive Income with Recycled Money. Let’s keep this simple. say you find a house for one hundred thousand and you put down twenty Thousand. You then invest another $20,000 to fix it up and add value to the property.

Overtime that property appreciates and is now worth $200,000.
It’s time to cash in on your investment. You do a cash out refinance, pull out 70% of the value, which in this case is $140,000. The best part – this money is tax-free! That means you only put in forty thousand and now you can recycle that money to invest in another property.

By leveraging the power of appreciation and smart financing strategies, you can turn a small investment into a large sum of money. It really is that simple and you can repeat this strategy indefinitely.

Passive Income investing solutions.

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If you have questions about Passive Income. Then you should reach out so we can have a quick call to see if investing in Short, Mid or Long term rentals can help you reach your goals. Text or call (208) 699-5782 and for scheduling a discovery call you can choose a time from my calendar here.

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