Passive Income with Recycled Money

How to achieve Passive Income with Recycled Money. Let’s keep this simple. say you find a house for one hundred thousand and you put down twenty Thousand. You then invest another $20,000 to fix it up and add value to the property. Overtime that property appreciates and is now worth $200,000.It’s time to cash inContinue reading “Passive Income with Recycled Money”

Easiest Path to Real Estate Wealth

This is the Easiest Path to Real Estate Wealth. You don’t have to go big or buy large multifamily complexes to become wealthy. You can literally become a millionaire with just one house a year. Just buy one house a year for 5 or 10 years and you’re set. They don’t even have to beContinue reading “Easiest Path to Real Estate Wealth”

Stocks Vs Real Estate

Stocks Vs Real Estate? In general, if your net worth is under $1 million, then you should start with a house. Here’s why. Let’s say you buy a $500,000 house with a 3.5% down payment and covered closing costs, which comes to a total of $17,500. Alternatively, you could invest that same $17,500 in stocksContinue reading “Stocks Vs Real Estate”

Passive Income While You Sleep

I’m gonna show you an easy way to make passive income while you are sleep investing in real estate with a little money down go to fundrise.com deposit money get passive income return projects just like this like the video for more Follow for investing strategies. The returns from Fundrise have been great for myContinue reading “Passive Income While You Sleep”

Saving Money 2023? Read this first

Saving Money 2023? Why would I save money when they print money? Do you know why they tell you to save money? Because of the banking system, when you save one dollar, the fractional reserve bank can lend out your money 10 times. Everytime they do that the value of your dollar becomes worth, less,Continue reading “Saving Money 2023? Read this first”